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Assigning a Security Role to a User

Version 2



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The initial security role for a user is assigned when the user is invited to join Domo.

If you have an "Admin" security role, you can change a user's security role. If you have a "Privileged" security role, you can set a user's security role to "Privileged," "Editor," or "Participant" only when inviting the user to Domo. For more information about inviting a user, see Inviting Others to Join Domo.

Note: If a user's access level is changed, they may not be able to see certain assets anymore, depending on their ownership of those assets. For example, if a Privileged user who owns a page or card is reassigned to the level of Participant user, he or she will still have access to that card or page. If on the other hand a card or page was merely shared with that user, he/she would no longer have access. It will essentially disappear from their view.

To change a user's security role,

  1. Click  > Admin.
    The Admin Settings appears.

  2. In the People panel, select the user whose security role you want to change.
    The user's personal information appears in the rightmost panel.

  3. In the Security Profile menu, select the desired security role.

  4. Click Save Changes.

For more information about security roles, see Security Role Reference.