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Setting the Landing Page

Version 2



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You can specify the page users initially see in Domo. You do this in the Admin Settings. For more information about security profiles, see Security Role Reference.

By default, users initially see the Overview page. You can set another page as the landing page that users see. You can specify any page as the landing page, including a "private" page. If a user does not have access to the specified landing page, Domo displays the Overview page.

  • The page tab order does not change when setting a page as the default landing page. You can re-order or lock the order of pages. For information about ordering pages, see Managing Pages. For information about locking pages, see Adding Company Pages.
  • The Overview page cannot be re-ordered, locked, or hidden.

To set the landing page,

  1. Click  > Admin.
    The Admin Settings appears.

  2. Click Company > Page Settings.
    The Company Page Settings panel appears.

  3. Under Default Landing Page, select the page you want from the menu.

  4. In the page specified as the landing page, verify that the page is appropriately shared with others. For more information, see Sharing Access to Content.