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Creating Badges for Achievements

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You can create a badge and designate users who can award the badge to others in their Profile pages. You can do this in Admin Settings > Company > Achievements. To access the Admin Settings, you must have an "Admin" security role. For more information about security roles, see Security Role Reference.

For information about awarding a badge, see Viewing and Awarding Badges.

To create a badge,

  1. Click  > Admin.
    The Admin Settings page appears.

  2. Select Company > Achievements.

  3. Click New Achievement, then define the badge.

    1. Enter the name of the badge.

    2. Enter the description of the badge.

    3. Enter the names of users who can award the badge to others

      Note: If you have permission to award an badge, the Give a Badge button appears in the Badges section when viewing a user profile.
    4. Upload an image of the badge.

  4. Click Add.