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Whitelisting IP Addresses in Domo

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You can control access to Domo based on IP address by adding or removing IP addresses to a whitelist in Domo. You do this in the Admin Settings. You can only access this page if you have an "Admin" security profile. For more information, see Security Role Reference.

  • The whitelist is exclusive not inclusive, meaning if you enter any IP addresses, then only users accessing Domo from those specified IP addresses are allowed to use Domo.
  • Whitelist entries you add to this list are applied to publications.

To register IP addresses in Domo,

  1. Click  > Admin.
    The Admin Settings appears.

  2. Select Platform > Security > Whitelist.

  3. Click Add Address, enter all of the IP addresses you want to exclusively allow for accessing and using Domo, then click Add.

  4. (Optional) Add additional IP addresses.

  5. When finished adding IP addresses, click Save Changes.

For information about whitelisting IP addresses for database connectors, see Whitelisting IP Addresses for Connectors.