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Powering Up Business in a Box Dashboards

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Cards in pre-installed Business in a Box dashboards are initially powered with sample data, allowing you to get a sense of how the cards would look when connected to your own live data.  Cards with sample data appear with a "Sample Data" watermark to indicate they are not yet live. The following screenshot shows an example of a card with sample data:


The process for powering up Business in a Box dashboards with live data is similar to that of deploying apps from the Appstore. You select a DataSet containing all of the columns (fields) required to power up the cards in this dashboard. Then you drag columns from your DataSet onto the matching columns in the dashboard. (If the columns have the same name, they are matched automatically.) You must do this for all individual DataSets required to power up the dashboard. This process is described in greater detail below. For information about deploying Appstore apps, see Deploying Apps from the Appstore

  • If you do not have an "Admin" or "Privileged" security level in Domo, you cannot power up cards in a Business in a Box dashboard; however, you can send a request that cards in the dashboard be powered up. For more information about security levels in Domo, see Security Role Reference.
  • Any user granted access to a Business in a Box dashboard will also be granted access to the DataSet used to power it..

To power a Business in a Box dashboard,

  1. Navigate to the Business in a Box dashboard with cards you want to power up.
    For more information about navigating to a dashboard, see Accessing Business in a Box Dashboards.

  2. Click Connect Data at the top of the window.


    A bar appears displaying the number of DataSets required to power up the cards in the dashboard, an Assign button, and tiles for connecting to each required DataSet. 


  3. Do one of the following:

    • To assign another user to power up these cards...

      1. Click Assign.
        The Assign dialog appears.


      2. In the Select data specialist field, select the user you want to assign to power these cards.

      3. (Optional) Change the email message to be sent to the assignees if you want.

      4. Click Send.
        The person or group members are assigned the task to power the cards.

    •  To power up the cards yourself...

      1. Click the Connect button for any one of the required DataSets in the blue bar.

        Two panes appear on your screen, one (marked as "1") asking you to select your DataSet and the other (marked as "2") showing the fields you'll need to match columns from your DataSet to. 


      2. In pane 1, select the DataSet you want to use to power the dashboard.

        You can use the Filter option to filter by data type (text, number, or date) or search for a particular DataSet by name using the search tool. You can also show a preview of the DataSet by clicking Data Preview at the bottom of the screen. 

        Optionally, you can click Download Example to download a CSV file that includes the columns to match along with sample data for each column. You can use this file as a template for filling in the data in the columns, upload it to Domo, then select it here as your DataSet. 

        Once you select a DataSet, if there are any columns with names that match any column names in pane 2, those columns are matched automatically. Matched columns are indicated using green checkmarks. You do not need to match these columns manually. 


      3. (Conditional) If there are any columns from your DataSet whose matching columns in pane 2 have different names, you will need to match these manually, by dragging and dropping columns from pane 1 to their matching columns in pane 2.

      4. Once all your columns are matched, click Connect.  

      5. Click Okay.
        All cards in the Business in a Box dashboard that are connected to this DataSet should now be powered with your own live data. 

      6. Repeat the above instructions for all DataSets shown in the blue bar to power all cards in the dashboard.

If at any time you want to change the matched columns for a given DataSet, you can do so by clicking Change for that DataSet then making the desired changes.