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Setting Notifications in Workbench 4

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You can configure Workbench to allow users to be notified via email when a DataSet job is completed, either successfully or unsuccessfully. You do this in the Notifications pane for a given DataSet job. This lists all of the users on your Domo server with their roles and the email addresses to which notifications will be sent. For each user, Notify on Success and Notify on Error boxes are available. For any given user, you can select one box, both boxes, or leave both blank (in which case no notifications are sent). 

To set notifications for a Workbench job,

  1. In the Accounts pane, navigate to the DataSet job you want to set notifications on, then select Notifications under that job.

  2. Locate the user in the list you want to set notifications for.

  3. Check the desired box(es). 

  4. Click "X" to close the dialog.

Training Video - Setting Notifications in Workbench

Learn how to set notifications in Workbench.



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