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Workbench 4 Release Notes

Version 2


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Workbench 4.6 (August 2017 Release)

List View

Workbench now includes a list view that allows you to search and sort DataSet jobs, see upcoming schedules, and organize jobs by status, giving better visibility into jobs to facilitate job management in an instance.

Status Panel

The new Status Panel in Workbench provides you with better insights around when jobs are being run and allows you to make changes, pause, cancel and run jobs. The Status Panel will be visible from every job details page to give real-time information about job status.

For more information about the Workbench user interface, see Understanding the Workbench 4 User Interface.

Training Video - Workbench 4.6

Watch the following video to learn more about the updates in the Workbench 4.6 release.




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