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Google Sheets Connector

Version 2


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Google Sheets is a spreadsheet program, part of a free, web-based software office suite offered by Google within its Google Drive service. The program allows users to create and edit spreadsheets online while collaborating with other users in real-time. To learn more about the Google+ API, visit their website (

Along with the Microsoft Excel and CSV Upload connectors, Domo's Google Sheets connector is one of three unique third-party connectors in Domo, as you can add KPI cards powered by Google Sheets directly to a page without having to open the Data Center. If you want, you can also add Google Sheets DataSets from the Data Center and then build cards afterward, just as you can with all of Domo's other third-party connectors. 

Note: When you add a Google Sheets DataSet, you are assigned as the owner. For information about changing the owner of a DataSet, see Changing the Owner of a DataSet.          

The Google Sheets connector is a "File" connector, meaning it retrieves files and outputs them to Domo. In the Data Center, you can access the connector page for this and other File connectors by clicking File in the toolbar at the top of the window.

Primary Use Cases

This connector is appropriate for data sources in which multiple users are contributing to a single data source.

Primary Metrics

Users can create a wide variety of metrics using Google Sheet DataSets. Some frequently used metrics are...

  • Tracking a list of items

  • People

  • Help requests

  • Company assets

  • Employee compliance / trainings

Primary Company Roles

Appropriate for all roles

Average Implementation Time

10 minutes or less

Ease of Use (on a 1-to-10 scale with 1 being easiest)


Other Panes

For information about the remaining sections of the connector interface, including how to configure scheduling, retry, and update options, see Adding a DataSet Using a Data Connector.

Best Practices

Google Forms (surveys) don't currently have a connector; however, you can convert Google Forms into Google Sheets, which can then be pulled into Domo with the Google Sheets connector.

Adding a Google Sheet DataSet

You can add a Google Sheet DataSet to Domo in either of two ways:

  • Directly from the card page. When you do this, a DataSet is added to your Data Center and a card powered by the DataSet is added to the page.
  • From the Data Center. This adds only the DataSet, not a card. You can build a card powered by this DataSet anytime afterward. 

To add a Google Sheet DataSet to Domo,

  1. Do one of the following:

    • If you want to add a Google Sheet DataSet and a card powered by the DataSet in a single workflow,

      1. Navigate to the page where you want the new card to appear.

      2. Click Add Card, then Design.
        You can also click in the app toolbar then select Card.
        A dialog appears with upload options you can choose from.

      3. Click Google Sheets.

    • If you want to add only a Google Sheet DataSet without adding a card,

      1. Select  > Data Center.

      2. Click New DataSet.
        You can also click in the app toolbar then select Data > File.

      3. Locate Google Sheets in the connector list and click it.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • If you have not connected a Google account to Domo,

      1. Click Connect.

      2. In the Google Sign-in screen, select the account you want to connect to.

      3. Enter the password for the selected account.

      4. Click Allow to allow Domo to access your Google account.  
        Once you connect to Google, you can use this same account any time you go to create a new Google DataSet. You can manage connector accounts in the Accounts  tab in the Data Center. For more information about this tab, see Managing User Accounts for Connectors.

    • If you have already connected to a Google account in Domo,

      1. Select the account you want to connect to in the dropdown menu in the Credentials pane.

        Tip: You can also add connect a new Google account to your Domo by selecting Add account in the dropdown menu in the Credentials pane, locating the desired account in Google, and entering your credentials. 
  3. Click Next.

  4. Select the desired Google Sheets spreadsheet by doing the following:

    1. Click Choose a File.

    2. Select the spreadsheet from the list that appears.

    3. Click Select.

  5.  (Conditional) If the desired spreadsheet is found on a specific page in your Google Sheets spreadsheet, select the correct page from the Worksheet Name menu.

    Note: Spreadsheet-based DataSets consist only of the data in the sheet you select. If you want to use data found in another sheet, you must create another DataSet by uploading the same spreadsheet and selecting that sheet.
  6. (Conditional) If your Google Sheets spreadsheet has a row-based layout, select Row Headers in the Spreadsheet Layout menu.
    For more information about the difference between column- and row-based layouts, see Understanding Chart Data.

  7. (Optional) If you want to pull data from a specific range in the sheet, check Manually Enter Cell Ranges, then enter the desired ranges in the Column Header Cell Range and/or Column Data Cell Range fields. For example, if you entered A1 and J1 in the Column Header Cell Range fields, only the columns in your spreadsheet between columns A1 and J1 would be uploaded. 

  8. Click Next.

  9. In the Scheduling tab, specify how often you want the data in the Google Sheets DataSet to automatically update.
    For more information about scheduling, see Scheduling.

  10. Enter a name for the DataSet now. You may also add a description if desired.

  11. Click Load Preview.

  12. Review your spreadsheet data to make sure everything is correct.

  13. Depending on what appears, click either Visualize your Data or Save.
    Your Google Sheets spreadsheet file is added as a DataSet. You can manage the DataSet in the Data Center. For more information, see Managing DataSets
    Additionally, because you added the DataSet, you are assigned as the owner of the DataSet. For information about changing the owner of this or any other DataSet, see Changing the Owner of a DataSet.

  14. (Conditional) If you are adding this Google Sheets spreadsheet while adding a card, continue powering up the card using this DataSet in the Analyzer.
    For more information about creating a card, see KPI Card Building Part 2: The Analyzer.

Editing a Google Sheets DataSet

You can edit an existing Google Sheets DataSet in the Data Center.

To edit an existing Google Sheets DataSet,

  1. Click  > Data Center.

  2. Locate the desired Google Sheets DataSet in the list.
    For more information about locating DataSets, see Data Center Layout.

  3. Mouse over the DataSet item, click , then select View Details.
    A page appears in which you can edit your DataSet settings.

  4. Make the changes you want.

  5. Click Save.


  • If the connection fails, confirm the Google account username and password are still accurate.

  • If the connector seems to pull back the wrong data, confirm you selected the correct Google Sheet worksheet or, if using advanced options, confirm you have the correct range of data selected.