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Whitelisting IP Addresses for Connectors

Version 2


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Whitelisting IP addresses is usually required for database connectors. These connectors must also have SSL enabled on their database server in order to authenticate.

IP Addresses to Whitelist

If Domo connectors need access to your servers, you will need to whitelist all of the following IPs:

Important: The IPs listed below must be whitelisted on your database server. You should not add these IPs to the whitelist in your Domo instance. Doing so will simply lock everyone out of the instance who is not coming from the IP addresses listed below. If you add these IPs to the whitelist in your Domo instance rather than on your server, incoming users will receive an error upon trying to log in that says "We're sorry but the system is not performing right now."

If you need to use any SSH connector, add this IP address to your list as well:

For AWS Security Groups and other similar security, full CIDR notation is required.  For these purposes, use the /32 masking notation after the IP addresses to note a single IP and not a subnet range.

Note: Specific database connectors may require you to whitelist additional IP addresses. These are discussed in the Knowledge Base topics for those connectors.

For information about controlling access to Domo based on IP address, see Whitelisting IP Addresses in Domo.