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Setting the Expected Update Frequency for a DataSet

Version 2


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You can set the expected update frequency for a DataSet, which Domo uses to determine when to send a notification or to display a warning that the DataSet has not been updated. When the actual update does not occur within your expected update frequency, Domo displays a warning on the DataSet and cards powered by the DataSet. (The warning appears after a delay, depending on the specified frequency.) For connectors like Excel that do not include automatic update capability, you can choose how often you want to receive reminders to update manually.  

To set the expected update frequency for a DataSet,

  1. Click  > Data Center.
    The Data Center opens, with the left-hand navigation pane opened by default.

  2. Search for the DataSet you want, then view the details either by clicking the name or by clicking dataset_gear_icon.png > View Details.
    A page appears showing details for the DataSet. If you are the owner of this DataSet or have an "Admin" security profile, you should see options for editing the configuration for this DataSet, roughly as follows:


    Note that the buttons you see may differ depending on the connector. For example, many connectors that pull public information do not have a Credentials section. Also, connectors that pull static data (such as Excel) have a Update Frequency button instead of Scheduling

    If you do not have an "Admin" role and are not the DataSet owner, these buttons do not appear at all. For more information about security roles, see Security Role Reference. For more information about DataSet ownership, see Changing the Owner of a DataSet

  3. Click Scheduling/Update Frequency.

  4. Select the desired update frequency.
    The controls for setting the update frequency depend on the connector. For connectors that don't have automatic update capability, such as Excel, only one menu appears; you can choose a preset setting or leave it set to Never if you don't want to receive reminders to update this DataSet. For most connectors, you can choose whether to use basic or advanced scheduling. For more information about scheduling, see Connecting to Data with Connectors.   

  5. When finished, click Save.