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Personalized Data Permissions (PDP)

Version 2


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Personalized Data Permissions (PDP) allow you to create a customized experience for each Domo user through the definition of Entitlement Policies. Using Entitlement Policies, you can filter data in a DataSet for specified users and/or groups. PDP policies are applied almost anywhere in Domo that data from this DataSet is used, including the following:

  • Cards. If a KPI or Sumo card is powered by a DataSet with PDP policies applied, affected users and groups see only data in the card that applies to them.

  • Alerts. An alert's PDP policies filter the alert data and control which users can subscribe.

You cannot add input DataSets to a DataFlow if you are restricted by PDP policies; however, you can add policies to the output DataSets generated by the DataFlow.

PDP is not currently available for DataFusions.  

If you share PDP-affected cards with users who aren't members of the PDP policy, they cannot see the content. However, they can click a button on the card to request that they be added to the policy. For more information, see Sharing access to resources.

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