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July 2016 Connector Release Notes

Version 1


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Adobe Analytics

Improved connector to handle situations when an object is returned from Adobe as null. Fixed an issue that occurred when Adobe returns a status of delivered.  Improvements to error handling and messaging. Updated to account for changes in the date format returned by Adobe.  Enhanced to Advanced connector to allow for more than 30 days of backfill.  Renamed a column header from Transaction to Transaction ID. Fixed an issue that was causing Commerce Metrics and Base Metrics reports to fail. Fixed an issue that was causing the date offset value to not work as expected.

Amazon RedShift            

Enhanced connector so that values typed as BigInt in RedShift are typed as Long when brought into Domo. Added ability to allow customers to specify if boolean values should be t/f or true/false.


Improved connector to automatically adjust for standard and daylight savings time changes.

Bing Ads              

Improved error handling and messaging.


Fixed an issue that was causing authentication to fail.


Fixed an issue where double quotes were not being parsed correctly


Added abiility to limit Case Notes by date.  Improved imports when query results in more than 500 pages of results so that all data is retrieved as expected. Improved error handling and messaging.  Fixed an issue in the Company Cases report where fields were displaying List instead of the data. Fixed an issue that was causing the Case Replies report to fail.


Added the Bounce Metric to the Subscriber List report. Improved connector to prevent timeouts on long running imports. Improved error handling and messaging.


Improved handling of duplicate column names.  Improved error handing and messaging for cases when file specified by customer is not found.


Improved the connector so that it doesn't retry when it receives a rate limit error, since it causes other jobs to fail.  Made the start date optional, if left blank defaults to today -1.  Improved error handling and messaging. 


Improved error handling and messaging when account credentials are invalid.

Google Sheets  

Fixed an issue that was preventing a column from being imported if it had a line break in the header.


Security enhancements.


Minor UI enhancements.


Fixed an issue that was preventing the connector from authenticating correctly to JIRA. Enhanced retry logic to reduce errors.  Fixed an issues that was preventing some users from authenticating.


Added a new report that allows for a custom query using LiQL (Lithium Query Language).


Added three new reports: Campaigns - Recipients; Reports - EEP URL Reports - Clicks Locations; Reports - Timeseries


Enhanced UI so that Lead Lists include the ID, allowing customers to distinguish between those that have the same name. Enhanced parser to prevent failures importing Merge Leads Activity Types. Increased timeout settings to prevent authentication failures.

NOAA Weather

Improved error handling.

Salesforce Pardot            

Enhanced Visits, Visitors, and Page Views reports with an option to select all visitors. Enhanced Prospects report to better handle parsing of custom fields. Fields were unexpectedly being filtered out of data returned in the Prospects report when there was more than one entry.  Fixed an issue that was resulting in Invalid time range errors. Improved error messaging when customer has not whitelisted IP addresses. Improved error messages. 


Improved error messaging.

Rally Software  

Improved error handling and messaging.  To accomodate some imports that take a large amount of time, timeouts increased from 8 to 24 hours.


Enhanced connector to attempt to automatically update instance URL when a ConnectException is returned from Salesforce.


Improved error handling and mesaging.


Fixed an issue that was removing non-English characters from imports.  Fixed an issue that was causing the schema not to be maintained between runs.