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Buzz Onboarding

Version 3


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Buzz provides an onboarding experience that allows first-time users to learn about and adopt all the great value around collaborating in Buzz in their own time and at their own pace. They can also easily invite their collaborators or network without concern for licensing or budget constraints. 

As part of this onboarding experience, you are taken through a number of steps in which you are asked to enter all of the following:

  • Your name.

  • Your photo. 
    If you want to change your photo later, you can do so in your Profile. For more information, see Adding or Changing Your Profile Picture

  • Email addresses of team members you want to invite to Domo.
    Alternatively, if you want to invite multiple users at once instead of entering email addresses manually, you can do so by proceeding to the fourth step and copying the Domo-generated URL, which you can then share with your team. They can click this link to get access to Buzz. 

Note: Domains of email addresses for users you invite must be whitelisted in the Admin Settings. For more information, see Specifying Authorized Domains for Invited Users.  

If you want to invite team members later, you can do this by clicking the Invite User button in the Buzz panel on the left and then choosing either invite option. For more information, see Inviting Others to Join Domo

Training Video - Buzz Onboarding

Learn about the Buzz onboarding process.



Note: The product training videos are for Domo customers and clients only.