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Downloading Files from Buzz

Version 2


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When you click on a file thumbnail in a Buzz conversation, the document preview mode opens. This preview mode provides access to a Download icon. For more information about the document preview mode, see Previewing a DocumentFor information about attaching files when creating a Buzz post, see Chatting in Buzz.


To preview and download a file in Buzz,

  1. Click the link for the file in the conversation. 
     The document preview mode opens.

  2. Click Download in the black bar above Buzz.
    The file is downloaded to your computer.

  3. To close the preview, click the "x" button in the top right corner.

    Note: In the interest of preventing users from uploading malicious files into Domo accounts, Domo allows a specific set of file types to be uploaded. If you attempt to upload a file not within this list, an error message appears. For more information, see Permitted File Types for Attachments.