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Entering Status Updates

Version 2


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A status update in Domo is similar to that found in Facebook. When you enter a status update, you are telling other users in your company what you are working on. You can choose to attach a status update to a particular task in your Projects & Tasks page.

You enter a status update in your personal Profile page in the long field at the top of the page.

Status updates appear in Buzz. You can also view a user's log of status updates by going to his or her Profile page. Status updates are arranged chronologically from newest to oldest.

Note: You can change another user's status only if you have sufficient permissions in Domo. For more information about permissions, see Security Role Reference.

To enter a status update,

  1. Open your Profile page by clicking your photo in the top right corner of the screen.

  2. Click in the status field at the top of the Profile page.

  3. Enter your status update in the field.

  4. (Optional) To attach this update to a task, click Attach to Task, then select the desired project and task.

  5. Press Enter to save your new status update.

You can enter a new status update at any time by deleting the old one from this field and entering the new one.

To view a user's log of status updates,

  1. Open the user's Profile page by doing either of the following:

    • Clicking on their profile photo anywhere it appears.

    • Searching for the user and clicking on their name. For more information about searching, see Searching in Domo.

  2. Click the Status Updates tab, which is found in the row of tabs under the user stats.

You can "like" a status by clicking the  icon next to the status. You can do this in the status field at the top of the user's Profile page or in his or her Status Updates tab. A count of all of the "likes" a status has received appears next to the status in the Status Updates tab.