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Creating a Project

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You can add a new project in the Projects & Tasks page. Once you have specified the basic information for the project, including the name, team members, privacy level (either public or private), and the optional description and due date, you can begin populating the project with tasks and giving assignments to team members.

To create a new project,

  1. Open the Projects & Tasks page by clicking  in the top right corner of the screen.

  2. Click Create New Project.
    Create New Project dialog opens.

    Tip: You can also open this dialog from anywhere in Domo by selecting in the app toolbar and selecting Tasks > Project.
  3. Enter the project name.

  4. Enter the team members for the project. As you enter letters, user names containing matching letters appear in a pop-up list. When you select a name, it is added to the field. You can add as many names to the field as you want.

  5. Select a privacy setting. If you select "Public," anyone in your company can view, access, and edit this project. If you select "Private," only the team members you selected for the project in step 4 can view and access the project.

  6. (Optional) Enter a project description.

  7. (Optional) Enter a due date for the project.

  8. Click Done.