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Exporting Sumo Data

Version 2


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You can export data from a Sumo card, as it appears in its current state, to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file or .csv file. You can export data from either view of a Sumo card (Column View or Pivot View) in either the page view or the Details view. The export contains the rows of data as they appear in the Sumo card, including sorts, filters, and aggregations. It does not include any "Total" rows. If data in a card is filtered due to PDP policies, those filters are applied in the exported version. For more information about PDP, see Personalized Data Permissions (PDP)

Exporting data from Pivot View to Microsot Excel does not generate a Pivot table but exports the rows of data, which could be used in generating a Pivot table.

For more information about applying sorts, filters, and aggregations to a Sumo card, see Applying sorts, filters, and aggregations.

To export Sumo data to Microsoft Excel or CSV,

  1. Navigate to the page in which the Sumo card is found.

  2. Mouse over the card then select Send / Export from the Options menu.

  3. Select Excel or CSV.

The data from this Sumo card is exported as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or CSV file.

Alternatively, you can export data from the Details view by selecting chart_share_menu.png > Send/Export in either Column View or Pivot View and selecting the desired option.