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Google Sheets Add-On

Version 2


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Use the Domo Google Sheets Add-on to download Datasets from Domo to Google Sheets. You can then edit the data just as you could with any spreadsheet in Google. This is an excellent way to share your Domo data with others in your company who may not have access to Domo.

What you can do with the Add-on

Using this add-on, you can do all of the following:

  • Connect to the server for the desired Domo instance.
  • Download any DataSet from your connected instance as a Google Sheet.
  • Edit the data in your downloaded DataSet.
  • Refresh the DataSet—if anything has changed in this DataSet, you can refresh to the current version in Domo.

Downloading the Add-on

You can download the add-on from within Google Sheets

To download the Google Sheets Add-on,

1. In a Google Sheet, navigate to Add-ons.

Google Sheet Ribbon.png

2. Select  Document add-ons.

3. Click  Get add-ons.

4. In the  Search add-ons box, search for Domo.

5. Select the +Free  button to install

6. Select the Google Account to connect to Domo.

7. Click Allow

The add-on will now be available anytime you open Google Sheets

Using the Add-On

The process for using the add-on to download DataSets can be summarized as follows:

  1. Select a Google Sheet.
  2. Click Add-ons, then Domo.
  3. Select Choose Dataset.
  4. Connect to your Domo instance.
  5. Choose your DataSet.
  6. Select Add dataset to sheet.
  7. Refresh the data as necessary to keep everything up to date.

Connecting to Your Domo Instance

You can connect to the server for any Domo instance for which you have access. You can be connected to only one instance at a time.

To connect to a Domo instance,

1. Select Add-ons, then choose Domo.

A dialog appears on the right side of your sheet requesting your credentials

Google Sheets Add-on login.png

2. Enter your Domo instance and access token (If my instance is, then my instance is customer.)

Note: Only Admins can create access tokens. Otherwise, you need to request an access token from your Domo Admin. For more information on how to create an access token, see Managing Access Tokens.

3. Click Login.

Downloading a DataSet from Domo to Google Sheets

After you have connected to Domo, you can download a DataSet from that instance into Sheets.

To download a Domo DataSet into Sheets, 

1. Use the Search & filter options to locate the DataSet you want to download.

Choose a DataSet Google Sheets.png

2. Select the desired DataSet.

3. (Optional) Click Preview dataset to see the owner and last updated date.

From the preview, you can choose Go to dataset to view the data directly in Domo.

4. Click  Add dataset to sheet. 

5. Your DataSet will be opened in its own sheet within Google Sheets.

Refreshing a DataSet

If at any time you want to update your data to its current state in Domo, you can choose the Refresh option. Once this is selected, any edits made are removed, and the most current version of your data in Domo is downloaded.

To refresh the data in a sheet,

1. Choose the Google Sheet containing the DataSet you want updated.

2. Select Add-ons , then Domo.

3. Click Refresh Sheet.

Logging Out

To log out of the Google Sheets Add-on, just click the log out icon.

Google Sheets Logout.png