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Copying a DataFlow

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You can create a copy of a DataFlow. This is similar to doing a "Save As," in that copied DataFlows can be renamed, edited, saved, and run independently of their original DataFlow. This is an excellent way to make minor changes to a complicated DataFlow without having to rebuild it from scratch.

When you choose to create a copy of a DataFlow, the Edit DataFlow view opens. You can make any changes you want to the copy of the DataFlow, including giving it a new name, before saving/running it.

When you copy a DataFlow, the version history of the DataFlow is not preserved. For more information about DataFlow versioning, see Viewing the Version History for a DataFlow.

To make a copy of a DataFlow,

  1. In Domo, click  > Data Center.
    The Data Center opens with the DataSets tab open by default.

  2. Click data_center_dataflows_icon.png in the left-hand navigation pane.
    The DataFlows tab opens.

  3. Locate the DataFlow you want to copy.
    You can use the filter options to narrow down the DataFlows that appear in the list.

  4. Mouse over the desired DataFlow then click dataset_gear_icon.png to display a list of options.

  5. Click Create Copy.
    The Edit DataFlow view opens.
    When you copy a DataFlow, the title of the copied DataFlow is prefixed with "Copy of " before the title, which you can edit. 

From this point, you can rename the DataFlow, edit the input and output data sets and transforms, save it with or without running it, etc.
You can also copy a DataFlow from its Details view, by selecting Create Copy in the  menu.