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Top 5 Issues Users Experience with DataFlows in Domo

Version 2


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This article lists the most common problems users have when adding DataFlows in Domo and provides suggestions for resolving these issues.

  1. Mismatching of datatypes when joining

    Mismatching is common when joining strings that look like dates, as well as strings that look like numbers. Enforcing data type integrity is key to optimizing performance. For more information about data types in Domo, see Types of data in a DataSet

  2. Not using Group By statement and aggregating

    Use a Group by clause when using aggregations in your Select clause. Without it, you will either get an error or incorrect aggregations. Also, all columns that are not being aggregated should be included in the Group by clause. 

  3. Formatting and commenting code

    Formatting your code makes it more accessible to others, and commenting your code gives the user the context and rationale behind your decisions.

  4. Order of operations, and aggregations

    Knowing how SQL executes can help optimize how you write your code. Essentially, the order in which your directives are set to execute can help you optimize and shorten the time it takes for tasks to run. 

  5. Divide by 0

    A (#Div/0) occurrence happens when a calculation’s denominator is ‘0’. This will cause the code to error out.