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ETL DataFlows

Version 3


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For times when you need to transform your DataSets before you can make compelling visualizations, you can use ETL DataFlows to transform multiple DataSets into a new DataSet that you can use to power up cards. ETL DataFlows let you visually define and sequence operations to transform your Domo DataSets—without learning SQL or leaving Domo.

For information about the Data Center and the ETL DataFlows user interface, see Data Center Layout.

If you want, you can also build DataFlows using SQL. For more information, see SQL DataFlows.

Confused about whether to use DataFlows or DataFusion for transforming your data? See Should I Use a DataFusion or a DataFlow? 

Note: ETL means Extract, Transform, and Load, which refers to a process in database warehousing for extracting data, transforming it into proper format or structure for querying and analyzing purposes, and loading it into the target data warehouse. In ETL DataFlows, your DataSets are extracted and loaded automatically, and transformed based on actions in the ETL DataFlow.