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Restricting Access for a SQL DataFlow

Version 2


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You can restrict edit access on an SQL DataFlow to the DataFlow owner and users with an "Admin" security profile. You can do this while creating the DataFlow or editing it afterward. For more information about security profiles, see Security Role Reference.

Training Video - Restricting DataFlow Edits

Learn how to restrict the ability for others to edit your DataFlow.



Note: The product training videos are for Domo customers and clients only.

To restrict edit access for an SQL DataFlow,

  1. While creating or editing the DataFlow, scroll to the bottom of the window.

  2. Check the box that reads "Only the owner and administrators can edit this DataFlow."

  3. Click Save (or Save and Run, if you want to execute this DataFlow now).

 To enable access for all viewers of this DataFlow, uncheck this box.

Restrictions on Sharing DataFlows

You may want to share a DataFlow with another user so that user can access and edit that DataFlow. To do this, the user with whom it is being shared...

  • must have access to all input and output DataSets

  • cannot be a part of a PDP policy on any of the input or output DataSets that restricts data (either the DataSet must have PDP disabled OR they must be on the "all rows" policy for the DataSet).