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May 2017 Release 1

Version 2


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New features and enhancements

Features and enhancements in this release include the following:

New Public-Facing Connectors

This month we have polished and released another 37 connectors that are now available to all customers in their Domo account. These connectors are self-service, so you no longer need to contact support to get help powering them up. Here are the new connectors:


Link to Knowledge Base article

Adaptive Insights (formerly Adaptive Planning)

Adaptive Insights Connector

App Annie

App Annie Connector


AppNexus Connector


Asana Connector

Basecamp 3

Basecamp 3 Connector


BrightEdge Connector

Constant Contact

Constant Contact Connector

Custom Connector

N/A - The Custom Connector user interface in Domo includes all necessary documentation

Elastic Grid

Elastic Grid Connector


Entrata Connector

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Connector

Google Analytics Real Time

Google Analytics Real Time Connector

Google Search Console Connector (formerly Google Webmaster Tools)

Google Search Console Connector


Greenhouse Connector


Harvest Connector

Humanity (formerly ShiftPlanning)

Humanity Connector


Intacct Connector

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads Connector

Marin Social

Marin Social Connector


MindTouch Connector


Moat Connector


Monitis Connector


MySQL SSH Connector


Netatmo Connector


Netbase Connector


OpenWeatherMap Connector


Pinterest Connector

Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker Connector


Pocket Connector

PostgreSQL SSH

PostgreSQL SSH Connector


Sailthru Connector


Stripe Connector


Sysomos Connector

Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter Connector

Weather Source

Weather Source Connector

YouTube Reporting

YouTube Reporting Connector

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM Connector

Buzz Updates

A number of usability improvements have been made to Buzz in this release, including the following:

  • New Buzz close button for improved consistency ease of use.   

  • New header look and feel with updated icons, including a new back button  that not only returns you to the Buzz menu but also includes the number of unread messages in your Inbox.

  • Universal Compose option now available in the conversation pane so you can start new conversations from almost anywhere in Buzz.

  • Ability to set Universal Compose messages to "Public."

  • New view for conversation threads, with close button, privacy status icon, number of viewers, card view option, and a details icon that takes you into a details view specific to this thread.

  • Buzz menu Filter field moved to the top of the menu for easier filtering.

  • Various new menu options in Buzz Desktop.

For more information about these updates, see Buzz Layout.

Domo Support Portal

Domo now includes a support portal in which you can submit help cases as well as see a list of all cases you have submitted. Many options are available for displaying and editing existing help cases, such as applying filters, displaying charts, renaming and deleting cases, switching to a Kanban view, and so on. Be aware that you can only see cases you have submitted; if someone else submits a case in your behalf (such as a CSM), it does not appear in your cases list.






For more information, see Technical support.

Getting Help

You can view the latest release notes information in the Help Center, which you can access from Domo by clicking  > Help Center.

If you have questions about Domo,

  • search for a topic in the Help Center

  • train in Domo University at

  • get answers in the Domo Community at

  • contact Technical Support by entering a help ticket in the Domo Support Portal, by sending a Buzz message to \support, or by emailing

  • reach out to your Domo Customer Success Manager or Technical Consultant

If you have feedback, please send it from within Domo ( > Feedback). Or send an email to

For more information about getting help, see Getting Help.