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360 Digital

Version 1


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360 Digital gives you access to real-time, trusted data across your devices so you can take decisive action and maximize your ROI by focusing on three main components: Calendaring, Pacing, and Classification. Shift the conversation from what has happened to where marketing is going. With 360 Digital, you can do the following all in one place:

  • Connect digital marketing efforts across the entire department.

  • Get real-time access to key metrics and campaign assets for all teams.

  • Get real-time alerts the moment a metric exceeds the parameters you set.

  • View and track marketing efforts in a single, drillable calendar view.

  • Customize classification of paid, organic, and internal tracking codes to what is most useful to you, and automatically keep new campaign assets classified and tracked.




Calendaring Allows you to see what has been done, what's in flight, and what is coming down the pipeline next. See all of your events and supporting assets in real time and in context to everything else. You can see everything you need to see to take action sooner and react faster to changing situations.
Pacing Enables you to see how you are tracking and when or where do changes need to be made by utilizing the most actionable visuals compiled directly from marketing clients. 
Classification Makes it easy to classify all IDs from connected data to any context without re-running reports or re-calendaring events. You can ensure all required parts of campaigns are quickly classified to the right context in one place, enabling confident tracking and up to date calendaring.