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Domo Campaigns App

Version 3


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The Domo Campaigns App allows you to build your own custom email campaign or attachment and send them out on a schedule that you set. Your campaigns can include dynamic Domo content such as cards and summary numbers, or even reference specific fields directly from the campaign distribution list. The Domo Campaigns App gives you complete customization and control over your marketing email campaigns.

Parts of the Campaigns App


Under the Campaigns tab, you are able to:

  • Create new and edit existing campaigns

  • See the campaign owner

  • View last updated details

  • Delete a campaign  DCML-Delete Campaign.png

  • Duplicate a campaign DCML-Duplicate Campaign.png

  • Email yourself a preview of the campaign DCML-Email Preview.png

  • Send the campaign to your distribution list DCML-Send Campaign.png

DCML App.png

Editing a Campaign

You can access the edit view of a campaign in two different ways:

  1. Creating a new campaign by clicking the add campaign button add campaign.png.
  2. Selecting an existing campaign.
Email Body

DCML - Add New Campaign.png

In the Email Body of your campaign, you are able to:

  •  Give your campaign a Title and Description.

  • Assign an owner.

  • Create the Email Subject.

  • Use the Email Body Editor to compose your email campaign.

  • Use the Choose file option to upload a file as your email campaign instead of creating one from scratch.

    Note: Only HTML files can be uploaded via the Choose file option.
  • Add Domo cards and card titles to your campaign by selecting Add Card.

  • Add fields from your distribution list DataSet by selecting Add Merge Field

Tip: If you want even more control over creating your email body or attachment, you can go into code mode by selecting DCML - Code Mode.png in the Email Body Editor. In this mode, you can write all of your own code to build your email body or attachment. To learn more about adding custom touches or even more Domo content, check out the Advanced Options.
Email Attachments

You have all the same options to create a fully dynamic and custom email attachment as you do with the email body. All email attachments will be received as a PDF. 

Distribution List

The distribution list is what determines who the campaign will be sent to. The email distribution list must come from a DataSet that is in Domo. 

To import a distribution list for a new campaign:

  1. Under the Distribution List tab, select Import

  2. Select the DataSet that contains the list of contacts you want this campaign to be sent to.

  3. Then, specify which column contains the emails and which columns contain filters.

    Note: For more information on how to use filters to ensure your recipients are only seeing the data you want them to see, check out Advanced Options.
  4. Click Select

DCML - DL View.png

Once you have a distribution list added to your campaign, you can:

  • Change the distribution list DataSet by clicking the Change Distribution List button.

  • View a specific recipients campaign email by selecting the checkbox next to the recipient's name, then clicking Test Email.

  • Send the campaign to specific recipients by selecting the checkbox, then clicking Run.


Set up dynamic schedules to send your email campaigns by selecting Add Schedule.

DCML - Schedule.png

Scheduling frequency options include:

  • Hourly

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Bi-weekly

  • Monthly By Date

  • Monthly By Week

Set as many schedules as you would like and click the Save button when you are all finished. To cancel a schedule, select the Delete button on that schedule.

Note: If you do not have a schedule set for your campaign at all, then it will need to be sent out manually.

Notifications can be sent to any Domo user so they know whether delivery was successful or unsuccessful to any recipient on your distribution list. Just search for users, select their name, and click Save

DCML - Notifications.png

  • Choose what the sender name, sender address, and reply to address should be. If left blank, an error will occur when trying to send the campaign.

  • Select DCML - Eye Icon.png to see the campaign ID.

SendGrid Tracking

The Domo Campaigns App integrates with SendGrid to provide tracking numbers for all of your emails. Enabling SendGrid tracking, you can see how many emails are being delivered, bounced, or opened all in a custom SendGrid report which can be brought back into Domo via the SendGrid Connector. Check the Enable SendGrid tracking box and make sure your outgoing mail settings are set up with your SendGrid account information.

Tip: The campaign name, campaign id, and the distribution list columns (excluding Email and Filter columns) are passed to SendGrid when this option is enabled. SendGrid has a limit of 10,000 bytes, so it is best practice to place columns you want passing through at the beginning of the distribution list to ensure important data is sent.

DCML - Settings.png


Domo logs all campaign activity within the app. At a glance, you can see all events related to campaign execution, successful deliveries, and even those that failed. This is a quick and easy way to stay up to date on campaign delivery.

Note: The Logs will track all activity from the beginning of the app download.

Audit Trail

The audit trail specifically tracks all of the user activity within the app. You have the ability to always see who performed what action, at what time, and on which campaign.

Any user that has access to this app has access to see and edit all of the campaigns. Keep this in mind when sharing the app with others in your Domo instance. 

Outgoing Mail Settings

To access the outgoing mail settings, click on the gear icon. 

DCML - Outgoing Mail Settings.png

To properly configure the outgoing mail settings you will need to know:

  • SMTP Server

  • Port

  • Username

  • Password

  • Whether your network security is SSL or TLS

How Do I Get This?

To begin using the Domo Campaigns App, have an Admin contact your Customer Success Manager.


What card types are supported?

We support Analyzer cards, table cards, and Sumo tables.

Can you include Adobe Illustrator cards in the emails?

Adobe Illustrator custom app cards are not currently supported.

Is the embedded content drillable or interactive?

Embedded content is rendered as an image, so it cannot be interactive. 

Can filters be shown/used via the emails being sent out?

Yes, filters can be set on any dimension on the cards that are embedded in the message or attachment.

What level of customization does the app allow for? Can I whitelabel the emails?

The Domo Campaigns app supports anything you can do with HTML. There is a Domo watermark that is rendered on every card that is coming from Domo. If you're interested in whitelabeling, contact your Customer Success Manager.