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Gas Pedal: Delivering Sales Insights That Drive Results

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  • James Slagle, Vice President, BI & Data Analytics, Apria

  • Trevor Heiner, Director, Business Planning & Analysis, Express Locations


When sales reps don’t understand where to focus and how to execute, organizations fail. Join Apria’s VP of BI & Data Analytics, James Slagle, and Express Locations Director Business Planning & Analysis, Trevor Heiner, for a breakout session on: 

  • How to structure and deliver actionable sales data

  • How to communicate with—and motivate—a millennial sales force

  • Creating regional performance reports for both reps and execs



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DomoPalooza 2017 attendees get exclusive access to conference recordings and presentations by visiting and using the password emailed to them by Stuart Gold on April 7th, 2017. If you did not attend Domopalooza 2017, please reach out to your account executive to discuss viewing options.