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How Data Democratization Reversed Double-Digit Deficits

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  • Brian Kaner, President & SVP, Sears Auto Center


When Brian Kaner took over as President of Sears Auto Center in 2015, he walked into a business that operated on subjective points of view rooted in decades of tribal knowledge. Furthermore, there was little consistency in how employees were managed and success was measured across a field of over 600 locations. With revenues consistently declining each year, Mr. Kaner knew that a change in course was required in order to save the business. Join him as he recounts how Sears Auto Center turned double-digit deficits into consistent growth within months by:

  • Creating tools to manage the business on data-based decision making, including a model to consistently measure productivity and a metrics program of leading and lagging indicators

  • Using Domo to create simple and actionable dashboards to promote transparency, accountability, and communication all the way down to individual employees in the field 

  • Transforming the culture to inspire individual accountability with employees on metric performance that ultimately would deliver team goals

  • Designing operational rhythms based on industry leading principles of execution to drive repeatable action and results