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Killer Apps: Visualizations That Drive the Future

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  • Jared Cook, Sr. Director of Appstore & Ecosystem, Domo

  • Kimberly Schuhman, Enterprise Reporting Manager, GE Digital

  • Lea Pica, Director of Data Visualization and Storytelling, Search Discovery

  • Alex Romano, Business Intelligence Manager, The Indianapolis Colts


Communicating to strategic groups is more effective through dynamic visuals. Join Domo Sr. Director of Appstore & Ecosystem, Jared Cook for a panel highlighting innovative visualizations, apps, and dashboards. Panel guests include:

  • Indianapolis Colts, Alex Romano

  • GE Digital Enterprise Reporting Manager, Kimberly Schuhman

  • Search Discovery Director of Data Visualization and Storytelling, Lea Pica

Video & Presentation DeckEdit section

DomoPalooza 2017 attendees get exclusive access to conference recordings and presentations by visiting and using the password emailed to them by Stuart Gold on April 7th, 2017. If you did not attend Domopalooza 2017, please reach out to your account executive to discuss viewing options.