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Course Descriptions

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New User: Domo Basics

Domo Basics is designed to introduce new users to the interface, the basics of card building, and some of the key feature sets within the tool, like presentation features and Buzz communication. While developing card building skills, users will gain an understanding of summary numbers, drill paths, alerts, Analyzer, and filters that can be applied to cards they frequently use. 

Target Audience

  • New users (all roles)

  • Experience level: Beginner


  • Thirst for knowledge


By the end of the course, learners will be able to

  • Successfully navigate the Domo interface

  • Populate and use a Domo profile

  • Create and share pages and subpages

  • Build basic cards

  • Apply card level and page level filters

  • Construct drill paths

  • Create and subscribe to alerts

  • Collaborate and share with colleagues via Buzz

  • Publish a multi-card page as a presentation

New User: Card Building Workshop

In this course, you’ll learn about the best data visualization strategy for your business questions, explore how to employ chart properties to maximize the capabilities of your cards, and practice creating dashboard wireframes and cards based on authentic scenarios. We’ll get your feet wet with several different types of commonly used cards, and you’ll come away with greater confidence in your ability to build cards as well as a keener sense of how to manage and display your data in Domo.

Target Audience

  • New users (all roles)

  • Experience level: Beginner to intermediate


  • New User: Domo Basics or equivalent experience


By the end of the course, users will be able to

  • Apply data visualization principles to card selection

  • Select chart properties and customizations to enhance visualizations

  • Develop wireframes for business questions

  • Demonstrate dashboard best practices

  • Create multiple cards in collections to answer specific business questions

  • Formulate data governance best practices

  • Utilize Domo resources for card building needs

New User: Connect and Transform

In this course, users begin to connect and prepare their data with various tools in Domo. They perform hands-on activities to learn the basics of Workbench, Fusion, Magic, and Beast Mode. They will learn the foundations of what tool to choose when. Then, after creating their first DataFlows, they will build out cards to answer their specific business questions.

Target Audience

  • Advanced Business Users (data specialists, MajorDomos, project managers)

  • New User: Domo Basics or equivalent experience


  • Domo Basics or equivalent experience


By the end of the course, learners will be able to

  • Bring in data files and run Workbench transformations

  • Use Fusion to import large DataSets to Domo

  • Use Magic ETL to perform various data transformations, such as

    • Joins

    • Appends

    • Pivots

  • Create simple Beast Mode calculations for such things as

    • Data deltas

    • Multi-summary numbers

  • Determine data management best practices

Power User: Data Manipulation

In this class, users get a more in-depth look at how to transform DataSets using Domo’s tools. Targeted for users who have been in Domo several months, this class will take learners deeper into Workbench, Magic ETL and Beast Mode. In Workbench we will show you how to troubleshoot the most common Workbench complexities to better manage your transformations. In Magic ETL we will have you combine and transform data in order to target specific business questions. We will introduce you to
Fusion, a tool to help you import large DataSets into Domo. Finally, we will explore Beast Mode functionality together by building a variety of complex Beast Modes which will help you maximize the impact of your cards. 

Target Audience

  • Power Users (data specialists, MajorDomos, project managers)

  • Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced (previous data querying experience necessary)


  • New User: Connect and Transform (or equivalent experience)


By the end of the course, learns will be able to

  • Troubleshoot various Workbench complexities

  • Append DataSets in Fusion

  • Conduct Magic ETL data transformations to create appended DataFlows and recursive DataFlows

  • Build specific Beast Mode cards for various target goals, percentages, and summary numbers

MajorDomo: Managing Domo

This course introduces the Domo program roles—from MajorDomos to Data Specialists—and discusses an organization’s progression in developing those roles. We explain how identifying your Domo initiatives (including determining the Business Problem, Business Outcome, Business Objectives, and Business Measures) allows you to best optimize your use of Domo and your data. In addition, we discuss auditing best practices, as well as user ecosystem, data ecosystem, and card ecosystem best practices to maintain your Domo instance. 

Target Audience

  • MajorDomos and other power users (administrators, data specialists, project managers)

  • Experience level: Beginner through Advanced


  • A penchant for global process alignment and standardization


By the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Assess the progression and development of the Domo Program roles in their organization

  • Identify and incorporate relevant best practices for your business:

    • User ecosystem

    • Data ecosystem

    • Card ecosystem

  • Apply Domo resources like bulk admin features for cards and pages

  • Apply auditing best practices

  • Use Buzz effectively in governance and collaboration

  • Use Domo resources to help solve issues in your organization