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What if Your MajorDomo/Executive Sponsor/Data Specialist Leaves?

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If your MajorDomo is leaving...
  • Talk to your Executive Sponsor and figure out another person with the necessary skills to take over as new MajorDomo/instance administrator.

  • Transfer Admin access of your instance to a new MajorDomo.

  • Refer to the Administer section in Knowledge Base to learn about managing users and groups, implementing Single Sign-on, specifying company settings, etc.

  • Use the Bulk Admin tools for cards and pages to transfer ownership of various assets the new MajorDomo will need to maintain. For more information, visit...

  • Determine any Workbench jobs that will need to be set up and scheduled by the new MajorDomo. For more information, visit Connecting to Data Using Workbench 4.

If your Executive Sponsor is leaving...
  • Determine a new senior executive who can provide strategic guidance and support as well as champion Domo throughout the organization.

  • Have your new Executive Sponsor meet with the MajorDomo to go through current strategic direction and prioritizing the program’s focus.

  • Have your new Executive Sponsor discuss with the leaving Executive Sponsor to establish when reviews or milestones are made on projects.

If your Data Specialist is leaving...
  • Talk with your Executive Sponsor and MajorDomo (and others as deemed necessary) to determine who will take over the role. 

  • Determine which Workbench jobs will need to be set up and scheduled by the new data specialist.

  • Change the owner of DataSets and DataFlows to the new data specialist in Data Center. You can use the Change Owner option to reassign multiple DataSets and DataFlows at once. For more information, visit...