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Domo is not an LMS—or is it?

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Trying to determine whether Domo + CourseBuilder can serve as a learning management system for customers? Read list article to find out what's currently possible.
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If a customer is looking for a learning management system (LMS), there are a number of elements or requirements they may use to decide on a platform or system. The customer may need to deliver off-the-shelf content they’ve previously purchased, to create a SCORM course, or to create learning or onboarding pathways for employees.

Domo + CourseBuilder give our customers the ability to meet a majority of these needs. CourseBuilder is a free, easy-to-use desktop app for building and publishing training courses/modules, which few LMS packages offer.

CourseBuilder uniquely offers customers the following, which most other systems or platforms can’t:

  • The ability to access or download and then customize Domo training content for their own teams.
  • The option to create any training app they want and publish it into Domo, and then share it with anyone, anytime via Domo (without the help of an expert user or developer). 
  • The option to track their training app users' behavior in Domo via Google Analytics and custom reports.

There are limitations to the Domo  + CourseBuilder system. For example, if the customer wants a system designed to allow for automated assignment of courses and email messaging on a timed schedule for those assigned training, Domo + CourseBuilder isn’t quite there yet (but, adding this ability is on our roadmap).

To help customers understand whether CourseBuilder + Domo will meet their needs, the following list describes features or functions typically available with an LMS:

LMS Functionality

Domo + CourseBuilder Capability

Data tracking (user completion, percent complete, page visits, time on page, quiz success, etc.)


Cloud storage


Pathways for learners to follow


Authoring tool


Quizzes, exams, knowledge checks


Creating custom onboarding and compliance modules


Teaching Domo platform elements


SCORM/Tin Can/3rd-Party courses brought into Domo

Possibly, using an iframe, but untested

Off the shelf content brought into Domo

Possibly, using an iframe, but untested

Analytics dashboard for tracking learner behavior

We track app completion and progress by user and by course, page visits, time on page, quiz success/failure, and several other types of behavior events. A training tracking app is en route to the Appstore. 

Automated systems for assigning training to specific users or sets of users, notifying those users, and reminding learners to take training after specified intervals of time have passed

Not yet

SCORM or tin can compatible

Not yet

Import courses/trainings or off-the-shelf courses created in tools besides CourseBuilder or that are stored in 3rd-party LMSs into Domo for users to engage with there

Possibly, using an iframe, but untested

Provides access to training apps for users who don’t have a Domo account on a site outside of Domo

This option requires access to Domo Embed (a cost-added feature).

If Domo + CourseBuilder fits the customer's needs, invite them to contact their Account Executive to learn more about how to use Domo + CourseBuilder.