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Adding a Document Card to Domo

Version 2


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You can add a document or image to Domo to share with others. In Domo, the document or image appears as a document card. A document card shows a preview of the document or image. If you go to the Details view for the card, you can view a full-sized version of the document or image.

Note: In the interest of preventing users from uploading malicious files into Domo accounts, Domo allows a specific set of file types to be uploaded. If you attempt to upload a file not within this list, an error message appears. For more information, see Permitted File Types for Attachments.

To add a document card to Domo,

  1. In the page where you want the document card to appear, click Add Card.

  2. Click Design.
    A dialog appears with a number of DataSet options.

    Tip: You can also open this dialog from anywhere in Domo by selecting in the app toolbar and selecting Card.
  3. Click Doc Card.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • Drag and drop a file from your machine onto the page.

    • Click Browse, browse to the desired file on your hard drive, then click Open.
      A preview of the document appears. You can navigate through the document using the  and  buttons, download the document to your machine using , or open a full-screen view of the document using . For more information about the full-screen view for a document card, see Previewing a Document.

  5. Click Save to save the document as a document card.

A card is added for the document.  

If you want, you can resize the card or move it to another position in the page or to another page. For more information about resizing and moving cards, see Managing Cards and Pages.

You can also change the owner of the new card. For more information, see Assigning or Changing a Card Owner.

Tip: You can download a document or image from a document card in Domo by mousing over the preview in the Details view then clicking . For more information, see Downloading a Document from Domo.