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Stacked Area Graph

Version 2


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A Stacked Area graph is a multi-line Line graph in which the space under each line is filled in with a different color, creating colored "segments" that are stacked on top of or next to each other, as in a Stacked Bar graph. The total size of the area for each segment reflects the cumulative value of all data items in that category.

A Stacked Area graph is similar to a standard Area graph; however, in a Stacked Area graph, all segments are shown at once, either side by side or on top of each other, whereas in a standard Area graph, all segments have the same baseline and therefore overlap. 


Stacked Area graphs have a number of subtypes, including all of the following:

  • Vertical Curved Stacked Area

  • Vertical Step Stacked Area

  • Horizontal Curved Stacked Area

  • Horizontal Step Stacked Area

  • Vertical 100% Stacked Area

  • Vertical 100% Curved Stacked Area

  • Vertical 100% Step Stacked Area

  • Horizontal 100% Stacked Area

  • Horizontal 100% Curved Stacked Area

  • Horizontal 100% Step Stacked Area

For explanations and screenshots for these subtypes, see Available Chart Types

Powering Stacked Area graphs

Stacked Area graphs require three columns or rows of data from your DataSet—one for categories (generally dates), one for series in those categories, and one for values. For information about value, category, and series data, see Understanding Chart Data.

In the Analyzer, you choose the columns containing the data for your Stacked Area graph. For more information about choosing data columns, see Applying DataSet Columns to Your Chart.

For more information about formatting charts in the Analyzer, see KPI Card Building Part 2: The Analyzer.

Customizing Stacked Area graphs

You can customize the appearance of a Stacked Area graph by editing its Chart Properties. For information about all chart properties, see Chart Properties. Unique properties of Stacked Area graphs include the following. You can click a thumbnail image to see a larger image.




General > Style

Determines the style for a Stacked Area graph, either "Flat," "Folded," "Curved" or "Step." The default style of the graph depends on the specific subtype you have selected. If you select "Folded," the graph takes on a 3-D appearance, as shown in the example at right.