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Applying and Resetting Chart Properties

Version 2


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You can apply advanced properties to a chart using the Chart Properties tool. This can be found in the Analyzer for a chart, to the right of the chart. Setting properties to a chart can have far-reaching effects, so you can reset them if needed. 

Understanding chart properties

Available chart properties are different for each chart. Most charts have a specific set of categories of chart properties. For example, the Vertical Bar chart includes categories for General, Bar Settings, Data Label Settings, etc. Clicking any category in the Chart Properties brings up the available properties within that category. For example, for the Vertical Bar chart, clicking General would display properties for changing the font size, sorting on totals, and disabling animations.

A number to the right of a category name indicates the number of enabled properties within that category. In the following example, one property has been set within General, two have been set within Bar Settings, and so on.

Training Video - Chart Properties Change Counts

Learn about a new enhancement to Chart Properties.



Note: The product training videos are for Domo customers and clients only.

Applying chart properties

To set properties for a chart, you must first open the Analyzer for the chart. 

To display the Analyzer for a KPI card,

  1. Do one of the following:

    • From the card page, mouse over the card in the page view then click .

    • From the Details page, click .

  2. Select Edit Card.
    The Analyzer appears.

For more information about the Analyzer, see Analyzer Layout.

To apply Chart Properties,

  1. In the Analyzer, drag column names into all required fields to enable a preview of your chart.
    For more information about specifying chart data, see Understanding Chart Data.

  2. Specify the chart properties you want in the Chart Properties pane.

Resetting chart properties

You can reset chart properties to their default settings either by resetting all chart properties at once or by setting the Default option for individual chart properties.

To reset all chart properties,

  1. In the Chart Properties pane, click the Reset All Chart Properties option.

To reset an individual chart property,

  1. In the Chart Properties pane, locate and click the chart property you want to reset.

  2. In the option menu, select the Default option.