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Specifying the Number of Value Scale Gridlines in Your Chart

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When you create a chart, Domo determines the optimal number of value scale gridlines based on the range of values in the chart. If you want, you can change this number to show more or fewer value gridlines.


if you want...


If you want to show relative values so users can distinguish overall trends, show fewer gridlines so your chart appears less cluttered (with large "gaps" between reference values).


If you want to show approximate values so users can match up elements with reference values, show more gridlines.

The following example shows a chart with eight value scale gridlines, which may make the graph seem cluttered; however, it may make identifying identify the values of each bar easier.

To change the maximum number of value scale gridlines in a chart,

  1. Open the Analyzer for the chart you want to edit.

  2. In Chart Properties, click Value Scale.

  3. Enter the desired maximum number of gridlines in the Max Gridlines field.
    Note that this number does not necessarily determine the number of gridlines that appear in the chart. It limits the maximum number of gridlines that are rendered.