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Using A Fiscal Calendar

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Add a fiscal calendar to your Domo instance to use in your KPI card visualizations.
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Use the Fiscal Calendar setting to visualize KPI cards with your business's fiscal calendar. You can create custom visualizations that provide better insights based on the business's schedule rather than a standard calendar. 

How to get a fiscal calendar in Domo

To turn on the fiscal calendar option, you:

  • Must have a Professional level Domo license or higher.

  • Need to contact Domo Support with the following information:

  1.  Start Date of Fiscal Calendar (e.g. 01/15/2018).

  2. When is the year of the Fiscal Year (e.g. If the fiscal start date is 4/1/2018, is that the beginning of the 2018 or 2019 fiscal year?).

  3. The day of the week that each fiscal week begins (e.g. Sundays).

  4. Whether months are calculated on a month boundary (e.g. Fiscal month always begins on the same day such as April 1, May 1, etc.) or on a week boundary (usually these are referred to as 4-4-5, 4-5-4, or 5-4-4 because those are the number of weeks in each month of a quarter).


If your fiscal calendar does not follow a consistent pattern, please reach out to Support and they will help you with what information to provide.

For more information on how to contact Support, see Technical Support.

Using a fiscal calendar in Analyzer

Once support has implemented your fiscal calendar, use the following steps to use it in a KPI card.

  1. Go to the Analyzer view of a card. For more information on how to do this, see Opening the Analyzer.

  2. Select Date Range.

  3. Check the Use fiscal calendar box.

  4. Save the card.

Fiscal Calendar.png