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Changing a Card Owner

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When you create any kind of card, in most cases you are automatically assigned as the owner. (The only exception is when you assign another user to power a KPI card, in which case they become the owner. For more information, see Assigning Users to Power Up Template KPI Cards.) You can change the owner of a card in the Details view for that card. To do this, you must be the current owner or have an "Admin" security role. For more information about security roles, see Security Role Reference.

To change the owner of a card,

  1. Click the card to open its Details view.

  2. Click the link for changing the owner near the bottom of the screen.

    The Assign Owner dialog opens.

  3. Select an owner in the assignee menu.

  4. (Optional) Write a message to the new owner in the message box.

  5. Click Assign.

Training Video - Changing the Owner of a Card

Learn how to assign ownership of a card to another Domo user.



Note: The product training videos are for Domo customers and clients only.

Changing the owner for multiple cards

The above steps work fine for changing the owner of a single card, but there may be times when you want to change the owner for multiple cards at once. For example, a user who owns a number of cards may leave the company and you need to transfer ownership of his cards to another user. You can do this in the Cards tab in the Admin Settings. You must have a security profile of "Admin" to be able to do this. For more information about security profiles, see Security Role Reference.

To change the owner for multiple cards,

  1. Click > Admin Settings.

  2. Click Cards in the left-hand pane.

  3. Check the boxes for all the cards you want to change ownership for.
    You can use the column filters to filter the cards in the list. You can also select or deselect all cards passed through your selected filters.

  4. Select Edit > Change Card Owner.

  5. In the dialog, enter the name of the new owner in the Search Users field.

  6. Click Change Owner.