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Available Chart Types

Version 2


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In Domo, a chart is any kind of informational display. Therefore, graphs, tables, and maps are all considered charts. There are dozens of chart types available in Domo, from basic bar and pie graphs to more advanced graph types, tables, and maps. As you power cards, you can select the chart type you want to use with your data. You connect data to charts by connecting DataSets or uploading spreadsheets (such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheet spreadsheets) with the data in columns. The requirements for building each chart type are discussed in detail in Chart Types.

For more information about creating and powering KPI cards, see KPI Card Building Part 1: Powering Your Card and KPI Card Building Part 2: The Analyzer.

For information about setting properties for charts, see Chart Properties.

For information about chart summary numbers, including a table with recommended summary number configurations for each chart type, see Editing Your Chart Summary Number.