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Joining Domo

Version 2


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Typically, a user invites you to join Domo and you are sent an email message with a link that lets you connect to Domo.

To join Domo from an invitation,

  1. In your email program, open the email message sent to you from Domo.
    The subject of the email message is "Congrats, you just got Domo'd!".

  2. Click the Get Started button.
    Domo opens in your Web browser and a dialog appears where you can create your password.

  3. Enter and confirm your password.
    As necessary, specify a password that meets password requirements.

  4. Click Create your account.
    You are signed in to Domo using your email address (to which the invitation was sent) and the password you entered.

  5. (Optional) Take the tour of Domo.
    You can also explore Domo on your own.

After touring and exploring Domo, you can personalize your account by editing your profile information. For more information, see Profile Page Layout.