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Signing in to Domo

Version 2


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After you join Domo, you can sign in to Domo using your credentials.

By signing in, you agree to the service terms.

For information about joining Domo, see Joining Domo.

For information about the service agreement, see

For information about resetting your forgotten password, see Changing a Forgotten or Expired Password.

To sign in to Domo,

  1. In a Web browser, go to your Domo.
    For example, 

  2. Enter your Domo email address.

  3. Enter your password.
    As necessary, specify a password that meets password requirements.

  4. (Optional) If you want Domo to remember your email address so you do not have to enter as you sign in, click Remember Me.
    If you select Remember Me, the next time you sign in to Domo, your Domo email address appears with your profile picture.

  5. Click Sign In.
    You are signed in to Domo using your email address and the password you entered.

To sign out of Domo,

  1. Mouse over your user menu , then click Sign Out.