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Free Domo Quick Help Resources

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Free Domo offers powerful, robust features that will help you fundamentally change the way you do business. This article provides quick access to 8 of the most common things new users want to learn how to do in Free Domo. Enjoy!

1. Interface Overview

Learn how to get around in Domo.


  • Domo application layout

  • Overview of key features

  • Overview of Domo settings

2. Building a Card

Learn how to build and power up your first card.


  • Powering a card with data

  • Using the Analyzer

  • Card building FAQs and best practices

3. Adding New Data with a Connector

Learn how to bring in new data with Domo connectors.


  • Using connectors

  • Changing connector settings

  • Scheduling data update frequency

4. Uploading On-Prem Data to Domo

Learn how to use Workbench to upload on-prem data into Domo.


  • Installing Workbench

  • Creating a data upload job in Workbench

  • Adding a transformation to a DataSet in Workbench

5. Joining DataSets Together

Learn how to join DataSets together with Magic ETL.


  • Introduction to DataFlows

  • Creating Magic ETL DataFlows

  • DataFlow best practices

6. Sharing Content in Domo

Learn how to share insights from Domo with others.


  • Sharing and removing access to content

  • Exporting cards

  • Sharing content with non-Domo users

7. Chatting and Collaborating in Domo

Learn the ins and outs of Domo's robust collaboration features.


  • Starting a conversation in Buzz

  • Managing conversations

  • Sharing cards through Buzz

8. Inviting New Users to Domo

Learn how to invite new users. The more the merrier!


  • How to send out Free Domo invites